Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Very Pleased...

For years, we have been extolling the energy saving benefits of our revolutionary Eco-Transport Coating, but often charts and technical data fall short to fully articulate the product's potential. While the bottom line increases seen by many food distribution companies as a result of Eco-Transport Coating's application are impressive (average 18% decrease in diesel fuel consumption), corporations' enthusiasm over results can often be understated, which is why we are so happy to share a product testimonial that reaches beyond raw data points and paints a picture of how our products do more than just add to a bottom line; they help improve lives, and we are very proud to play a small role in the growing RV communities around this nation. 

The title to the email that arrived in my inbox earlier this morning was Very Pleased, but allow me to say to the Browns that WE are the ones who are very pleased to have your family as loyal customers. Businesses are nothing if not taking care of the people and communities they serve. As a small business, we are fortunate to know our customers' faces and a bit of their stories. Below are excerpts and pictures from one such story. 

[On August 11, 2012] we finally got to install the [Eco-Transport] Coating and it's AWESOME!!  We [applied] it in Oklahoma in a friend's workshop, so we were out of direct sunlight.  The original roof was bare aluminum, so it would get HOT in the sun.  
When we pulled the rig out of the shop, after several hours of dry time, it was 104 outside.  We have an infrared surface thermometer and boy did we have fun!  The surfboard carriers, on the edges where we did not apply the coating, reached a surface temp of 147.  The coated portion remained within 5 degrees of the ambient air temperature.  Amazing.  We immediately noticed a difference in the rig's ability to stay cooler on the inside.  We are now in Barstow, CA where it's been averaging right at 100 each day.  It is such an incredible product!  We normally would run our generator from sun rise to sunset out here, but with the coating we are only cooling the truck off in the hottest part of the day.
We are totally satisfied and are spreading the word to all of our trucking and RV friends.  The other plus that we weren't expecting is that the coating does not collect dirt.  Usually when we wash the truck we have to wipe down the roof first, which is not pleasant when it's so hot up there.  Washing the rig today, not only was it pleasant to be up top, but we just spot cleaned a few areas on top, instead of washing the entire top surface.

Thanks so much!!
Here are some pictures for you.

The Browns
Pre - Application


Post-Application on the Road
From my own personal experience, I can recount numerous times when I was moved to notify a company of my overall satisfaction with their product or service; however, when time came to initiate the communication, I balked. Dissatisfied customers will overwhelmingly outnumber satisfied customers in sharing their feedback, and it is for that reason that we are extremely flattered and grateful for today's email. I sincerely thank the Browns for not only their business but also for taking time to share their story with us.

For more information about Eco-Transport Coating, please, visit http://ecoprotectiveproducts.com/transportation_coatings.html.

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