Thursday, January 6, 2011

Announcing Bio-Shield Interior Coating

This week, Eco-Protective Products has begun production of Bio-Shield Interior Coating, a Low VOC acrylic latex paint developed as an environmentally safe, advanced interior paint for healthcare facilities, laboratory clean rooms, the hospitality industry, school systems, and more. 

The paint exhibits a combination of outstanding flexibility, superior water resistance, and abrasion / impact resistance and is impervious to moisture penetration. This innovative interior paint is uniquely engineered with an EPA registered, inorganic silver antimicrobial agent that is occupant safe but creates an inhospitable environment on the coating’s dry film surface for the proliferation and growth of microbial cells.

Why silver?

Silver is a natural element that, for centuries, has been recognized as a safe type of preservative and antimicrobial. Its uses are far reaching, and it can be found in cosmetics, textiles, medical products and even wound care because of its broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties.

ACT™ composite silver technology

At Eco-Protective Products, we consistently try to provide consumers products that are environmentally friendly as well as exceed traditional performance standards. With Bio-Shield Interior Coating we feel we've continued that legacy.

ACT™ composite silver technology is the only silver antimicrobial manufactured in the United States, and unlike organic antimicrobial products, it does not leech or risk harm to users or the environment. 

So what does that mean? 

Unlike other paints whose dry-film surface can provide a fertile environment for the propagation of odor causing bacteria and the growth of stain causing molds and mildews, BSIC is formulated with EPA registered ACT™ composite silver technology, a broad spectrum antimicrobial that provides a barrier resistant to bacteria proliferation and mold, mildew and fungal growth on the paint film.

Benefits Beyond the Norm

The antimicrobial benefits extend the useful life of the paint, virtually eliminating issues of film deterioration caused by microbial growth. Moreover, the paint is engineered VOC compliant and exceeds Green Seal GS-11 standards for Low VOC paints and coatings.  The low-odor formulation permits quick return to use in freshly painted areas and is safe to apply even in occupied spaces.

Backed by repeatable test results, this paint proves to be exceptionally durable and will withstand years of regular cleaning, scrubbing, and operational use without peeling, chipping or necessitating repainting. Additionally, ACT™ composite silver technology is UV stable, which differentiates Bio-Shield from other silver based coatings that will dull and discolor over time from UV/light exposure.

Bio-Shield is engineered to resist staining, and smudges and scuffing from human and equipment contact wipe away with a damp cloth. Bio-Shield Interior Coating applies as easily as regular paint and demonstrates excellent adhesion to most interior surfaces. 

Bio-Shield Interior Coating is available in over 1000 colors and in multiples finishes.

More information can be found on our website here.

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